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TopicAssignment Solving Services
Cost Behavior Analysis

Analysis of cost behavior patterns, Calculation and interpretation of fixed and variable costs and Cost estimation techniques

Budgeting and ForecastingPreparation of budgets and forecasts, Variance analysis and budgetary control and Performance evaluation based on budgets and forecasts
Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) AnalysisBreak-even analysis, Determining the contribution margin and Decision-making based on CVP analysis
Decision-Making and Relevant CostsIncremental analysis, Identification of relevant costs and revenues and Make-or-buy decisions and opportunity costs
Activity-Based Costing (ABC)Identifying and assigning costs to activities, Allocating costs to products or services using ABC and Analysis of cost drivers and activity-based rates
Costing SystemsJob costing and process costing methods, Calculation of costs and allocation methods and Comparison of different costing systems
Capital BudgetingNPV, IRR, and payback period calculations, Evaluation of long-term investment assignments and Selection and recommendation of investment opportunities
Performance Evaluation and ControlResponsibility accounting, Standard costing and variance analysis and Performance measurement and control systems

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