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Understanding business accounting and its role in decision making

Business accounting involves recording financial transactions related to any business in relation to the preparation of financial statements. Business accounting makes small, and big businesses keep track of their businesses. Business accounting has three main components, which include;

  1. Profit and loss statement
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Cash flow statement

Advantages of business accounting

  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Decision making.
  • Evidence in legal matters.
  • Provides information to related parties.
  • Maintenance of business records.
  • Helps in taxation matters.
  • Valuation of business.
  • Comparison of results.

Concepts of business accounting

  1. Cost – the price of an asset must be recorded at the price at which it was bought in the accounting records. This helps when reporting on either the appreciation or depreciation of the asset.
  2. Consistency – The methods applied in accounting must be uniform. You cannot apply different accounting principles for the same entry.
  3. Transactions must be dual – This is always the basis of all transactions. The value of assets must be equal to liabilities plus equity.
  4. Entity – The business entity must be separate from its owner.
  5. Objectivity – Every financial transaction in business accounting must be supported by the evidence that warrants that transaction.

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