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Assignment Solving Services Offered
Lease ClassificationExplanation of lease classification criteria, examples and case studies, analysis of lease agreements to determine classification
Lease Accounting StandardsOverview of IFRS 16 and ASC 842 lease accounting standards, detailed explanation of key concepts and requirements, application of the standards to practical scenarios
Lease Recognition and MeasurementCalculation of lease liabilities and assets, preparation of journal entries for lease recognition, analysis of lease measurement methods and assumptions assumptions
Lease PaymentsAllocation of lease payments between principal and interest, calculation of present value of lease payments, treatment of initial direct costs and lease incentives
Lease Term and RenewalsEvaluation of lease term and factors influencing its duration, analysis of lease renewal options and their accounting impact, treatment of lease terminations and extensions
Lease ModificationsAccounting treatment for lease modifications and amendments, calculation of revised lease terms and associated adjustments, impact of lease modifications on financial statements
Subleases and Sale-Leaseback TransactionsExplanation of sublease accounting and transactions, analysis of sale-leaseback transactions and their accounting, treatment of subleases and sale-leaseback transactions

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