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Topic Assignment Solving Services
Recognition and Initial Measurement of Goodwill Calculation of goodwill in business combinations, determining fair value of acquired assets and liabilities
Impairment of Goodwill Identifying impairment indicators for goodwill, calculation of recoverable amount and impairment losses
Amortization of Intangible Assets Determining useful life and residual value of intangible assets, accounting treatment for amortization of intangibles
Recognition and Measurement of Intangible Assets Determining criteria for recognizing and measuring intangibles, valuation of acquired intangible assets
Research and Development Costs Capitalization of R&D costs and subsequent accounting treatment, amortization and impairment testing of capitalized costs
Intangible Assets with Indefinite Useful Lives Accounting treatment for intangible assets with indefinite lives, impairment testing for intangibles
Disclosure Requirements Preparation of disclosure notes for goodwill and intangibles, compliance with reporting standards and regulations
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) vs. GAAP Comparison of accounting treatment under IFRS and GAAP, identifying key differences between the two frameworks

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